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A few people asked what my Klaine Christmas Project is. I hope these 2 screenshots answer this question. ;)


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Glee kink meme is on fire lately. 

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All right, Brittana kids, time for some real talk from Mama L.


It’s time to put our egos to beddy-bye, because I - for one - just want a lesbian couple to be in the spotlight for once in my damned life.  Be pissy and aggravated later.  I’ve had my moment.  You surely can have yours, but look at it this way:  internet poll or not, this is publicity.

And I don’t give a fuck who the couple is, here we have two gay and one lesbian couple. Now, gay males need and have their spotlight— and that’s always awesome.  Lesbians are often left out of this equation, because - after all - we still live in a society that favors men over women.  It’s life.  We deal with it.

So, let’s fight back.  We need to stop being petty.  Brittana lost.  Being angry and spiteful is not going to bring them back, but we still have a chance to get some positive lesbian representation on a popular website.

So, Brittana kids, without further ado:  TO ARMS!  FOR THE LESBIANS!

I’d quite like the Klaine fans to chip in to this effort too, you know, for the lesbians.


S301 - The Purple Piano

Klaine with Piano:)

this is adorable

things that will be awkward to watch with my mother