this kim kardashian game is so frustrating… kim’s expecting me to drop everything and meet her in australia when i have about three projects on and a date with casey to keep… damn kim why are you so demanding… chill the fuck out

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i literally just watched that one last night!!!!


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the office episode with the ben franklin impersonator!!! and dwight is trying to work out if it’s the real ben franklin!!!!!! oh! my! god! 

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every time i see the nurse who writes my prescription she tells me i’ve lost weight when she weighs me and adds “not that you need to :)” she is the NICEST

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every time i get a message from ralph it’s so nice????? he makes me so happy you’re the best ralph

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i can’t get over this sam pepper thing… like was he just pinching girls’ arses and pretending it was someone else? for 3-5 mins? it would be like filming someone tapping people on the shoulder and then quickly running to their other side when they turned round just to shout “gotcha”??? how does he get views i’m so confused what part of it is funny

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is it too early to start hallowe’en shopping

neversandnowheres replied to your post “there’s this website called invisible girlfriend which lets you create…”

i think it might be okay if you use a photo of yourself youve not uploaded anywhere else so you can’t reverse image search it? but i dont know for sure if that would help

… this is genius why didn’t i think of it

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changed my selfie tag

bye bye jui juicebox

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there’s this website called invisible girlfriend which lets you create a fake girlfriend so you can tell people you’re dating someone without actually having a relationship and you can submit a selfie to the website so they can use your face and while i really like the idea behind it and how it could help people there’s a serious danger of getting someone creepy isn’t there

they do pay you per selfie though so idk

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