it’s 7am i haven’t slept cos me and jonny have done an all night movie marathon why did i think that would be a good idea

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how do you tell your friend you’re a little bit in love with them without making it weird tho?? life struggles

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alright well one of us is going to have to change…

if there is anything i have learned in my twenty years on this planet it is please pay attention to how people you know treat service staff because it is the biggest indicator of whether or not they are a shit person!!!!! start every new friendship in a restaurant and watch that person. watch how they interact with people serving them. check how much they tip. because i am telling you, every single person i’ve ever known who has embarrassed me in a restaurant by being rude to the staff has turned out to be a complete cunt. you will save so much time holy shit

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FAO CASEY!! (too complicated to format as an ask)

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my favourite thing ever i think is when i reblog a post about lgbtq issues and some straight person reblogs it like “but what about us heteros. i know you are not talking about the hetero community but consider this” like i do not!! care!! none of us fucking care!!!!! this is not a space for your straight opinion jesus christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unfollow me

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yeah… i get that it’s unfair that only women get asked this question… but that’s because men wear a suit to these things. and it’s usually hugo boss. if you do not want to get judged on your outfit when you show up at this thing then by all means turn up in a basic ass shirt and pants. don’t spend the extra time and effort making sure you look fantastic and then act like you’re offended when someone wants to know about the time and effort that went into making you look fantastic. and DON’T shit on the (mostly female!!) designers who spent a lot of time and effort on your image which is part of your brand do you feel me

i really don’t get why we applaud female celebrities for being rude to interviewers asking them what they’re wearing? like imagine you’re a dress designer and some huge celeb is wearing one of your outfits to a high profile event and someone asks her “what are you wearing” and she’s just like “a dress”??? like you couldn’t share your spotlight for five seconds jfc

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was stood in a queue in subway behind this guy who made the staff remake his footlong because they “cut it in the wrong place”… they threw out a footlong sub because it was cut incorrectly… you must have the patience of a saint to work in customer service damn

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