my tfios tag has gone from tears over the book to mercilessly ripping the piss out of augustus waters because of the movie and i haven’t even seen it yet what’s wrong with me

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small things that annoy me: the fact that when i send fran a tumblr fan mail, tumblr doesn’t change it to “fran mail” 

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is the tumblr pro joke literally just that we all have hats

this is the stupidest fucking website in the world 

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coco peru reminds me of my mother way too much i can’t focus

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ask my mum if she’s got any photos from the day i was born so i can stick one on instagram for mother’s day and she tells me “no but i have a photo of your brother crowning” ??? gross why is that even something we own

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lottielucas replied to your link “guys i made a wordpress blog”

i’ll follow you when i’m next logged on mine! :)

ah thanks! i’ve bookmarked yours, i can’t find the follow link??

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guys i made a wordpress blog ►
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Join The Tab ►

UNIVERSITY OF LINCOLN STUDENTS here is why you should join the tab

  1. free t-shirts
  2. you can write pretty much whatever you want honest to god
  3. readership and audience for your writing
  4. absolutely no prior experience necessary
  5. really good to fill out a cv
  6. you can get work experience/job opportunities after uni at places like the sun, buzzfeed, the telegraph etc
  7. i can think of zero cons do it

fouryearshlong reblogged your post my boyfriend’s put our relationship up… and added:


cheers bb :*

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my boyfriend’s put our relationship up on facebook (after six months) and i’m quietly basking in the glow of having people like it and comment because i feel important

is that sad

probably but i don’t care someone high five me i’m facebook official

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