over 380k notes man… i just can’t stop thinking about these girls… how that’s going to fuck them up thinking that. it’s times like this that i really cannot get behind this internet feminism thing. how dare you damage other women for your own moral highground. i’m sorry if your first time wasn’t great. or if your first time was fantastic and you didn’t bleed at all then great also good for you. but don’t push this on an impressionable community, many of which still have the whole losing their virginity to come. in fact i don’t even know what’s worse - losing it when you were told it shouldn’t hurt if the person loved you, or looking back on it and realising it did hurt even though you thought that person loved you… fuck this website, seriously. i’m so mad. i’m logging off.

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i just god i just get so angry thinking about some teenage girl reading that post the week before she has sex with her boyfriend for the first time. and she’s already worried it’s going to hurt but then she thinks “it’s fine, we love each other, he doesn’t want to hurt me" and then it does hurt and she goes her entire life thinking that her first sexual experience was with someone who didn’t "love her enough" to not hurt her a little bit? do people even think about who is going to see this vile shite that they spill out on to the internet and pretend is fact? i can’t even think straight i’m furious

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the king and i is on!! and now i get to rewatch one of my favourite films from my childhood and find out how racist it is!!! lawd

my favourite movie trope is “embittered human interest journalist want to write serious journalism and is tasked with what they think will be their big break but they fall in love with the subject of the article and have to choose between their big break and love!!!!

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i am honestly so proud of casey she’s done so well in her exams i can’t get over it she’s so clever 

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i’m obsessed with the r/prettygirls subreddit why are they all so cute

best thing about posting selfies to facebook is that i’m guaranteed one like. from my dad. thanks pops

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they’ve got a deaf girl on snog marry avoid and it’s brilliant because first of all disabled visibility of course but MOSTLY because they had to hire someone to interpret from sign language the word “slaggy”

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dear casey

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